How to prepare your car for a family road trip

When was the last time you took a family road trip? You can enjoy an incredible travel experience with your family without ever getting on a flight – but being able to fully embrace and enjoy the journey requires great preparation. Here, we take a look at how you can best prepare your car for a family road trip, no matter how far you are planning to drive.

1. Prepare for quality time

When you begin to look at getting your car ready for a road trip, remember that part of a long car journey is spending quality time together. In an increasingly busy world, it can be difficult to stop and connect with your little ones outside of the day-to-day routine, so take the time to get away from screens and instead prepare some fun car games that you can enjoy together.

While there is nothing wrong with putting on a movie during a long drive, staying connected and enjoying the experience together should be a top priority, so stocking your car with activities is a great way to prepare for this. You can plan your activities around your stopping-off points and planned breaks (which will be even more necessary for little ones).

2. Perform basic maintenance

Is your car due for a service? Even if you have had your vehicle checked out by a professional this year, it is worth performing some basic maintenance on your car to prevent unexpected breakdowns which could add stressful hours to your journey. The fluid levels and tires should be examined, as should the brakes and engine to ensure you have a smooth journey every step of the way. Many of these tasks you can do yourself, but if you’re at all unsure it might be worth seeking professional advice.

3. Clean it out – and get ready for mess

It’s no secret that travelling with children for any length of time will cause a mess in your vehicle, so it makes sense to clean out your car ahead of time. Vacuuming your car and removing any rubbish will make it much easier to pack up and keep organised during your trip. Make sure to check in on storage areas for any unnecessary items and put in a receptacle for any waste that is created on the road. You can also take this time to put any necessary electrical charging cords in place so you have enough to keep your phone or tablet functional.

4. Check the safety and suitability of seating

If you have smaller children who require car seats, make sure you check these thoroughly before you travel. Car seats must be secure and comfortable, and children should fit appropriately so that everyone is safe. An accident will likely not occur, but this extra step will give you some serious peace of mind.

Even if your children are too young to remember amazing family road trips, it is still worth putting in the work so they can benefit from new experiences. Taking a road trip with children might feel stressful, but the adventures and quality time you find along the way may surprise you.

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