How to revive your car’s interior with household items

A side-view shot of a young woman sitting in her car, she is cleaning her steering wheel with disinfectant.

According to a vehicle specialist, all it takes to clean your car in the winter is one carbonated beverage. The first indications of spring are beginning to emerge after months of rain and subfreezing temperatures.

Millions of people around the nation are looking forward to lighter mornings and warmer evenings. A car expert has revealed how a few easy tips might make your car like new again.

Graham Conway, from Select Car Leasing, said: “Not only will it make the experience much more pleasurable, many swear that their set of wheels drives better when it’s been given a clean and polish.

“A bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a chamois leather will do the job on the outside. If you’ve got a jet washer, even better. But the interior can be a little trickier, so we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to save everyone time and effort.”

Get rid of corrosion with Coca-Cola

Not only does a can of Coke quench your thirst, but it also cleans your engine compartment. This is because the well-known carbonated beverage offers an inexpensive way to remove corrosion from the area surrounding the battery connections.

Mr Conway said: “It’s definitely worth doing this as corrosion can work its way inside the battery and leave it flat and you stranded.

“It’s important to disconnect the battery unit. Wear gloves while you loosen the two terminals, before unplugging the negative one first. Next do the positive terminal before pouring some Coke onto the affected areas.

“Give it a couple of minutes to do its work before wiping clean with a damp cloth and making sure the area is dry. You can then reconnect the battery before turning over the engine to check everything is in order.”

Brush up your vents

These elements are essential for preventing condensation in your car or van and providing warmth in the cold. However, dust and other particles can block them up, so a thorough cleaning is necessary.

Mr Conway said: “A hoover works well to suck out the majority of the dirt, but there are always a few bits that get clogged in the air vents. Dig an old paintbrush out of the shed or craft cupboard and put it to use. It will be perfect for ensuring your blowers are clear and smelling fresh in no time.”

Put some putty to good use on your car’s interior

“Regardless of the make or model, there are always areas of your vehicle’s interior that are hard to reach,” said Select’s Mr Conway. “Common offenders include cup holders and change slots, plus areas around the gear stick and handbrake.

“A hoover and cloth will only banish so much, so treat yourself to some specialist putty that can be jammed into these tricky gaps and emerge with all of the out-of-reach crumbs and dust. A tub will cost you around £5 at a motor shop or online – you can even make it yourself by following instructional videos on YouTube.”

Shine your headlights with some toothpaste

As we approach spring, our headlights—which have been working hard during the long, dark winter—deserve some attention. The best product to use to restore them to their original shine is regular toothpaste, which can be purchased for as low as 50p for a standard supermarket tube.

Select Car Leasing expert Mr Conway explained: “Using toothpaste is a fantastically simple way of restoring headlights, side lights and tail lights to their former glory. The baking soda contained in the bathroom product is perfect for buffing up the plastic.”

Detail your car’s mats with a perfect finish

This is another area where a cheap online purchase will make all the difference. Mr Conway said: “When you consider they take the brunt of you climbing in and out in all weathers, it’s no surprise mats get dirty very quickly.

“But using a hoover, however powerful, will only get some much muck out of your car mats. However, help is at hand in the form of cheap drill-attachment brushes that will give car and van mats a thorough scrub and banish the grime in a matter of minutes.

“Spending no more than £10 will make a big difference to finishing off your spring clean in style.”

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