DVSA Services: How we are dealing with bots and the reselling of driving tests

A message from DVSA

The high waiting times for driving test appointments has led to a rise in the use of automated bots that exploit learner drivers. This results in the reselling of driving tests, often at higher prices.

We know that this is causing issues for you and your pupils and have been working to tackle the problem.

In her latest blog post, DVSA Chief Executive Officer Loveday Ryder, explains what bots are, the challenges they pose, how we are protecting learner drivers and the steps we’re taking to deal with them.

You can read the blog post on DVSA Despatch

4 thoughts on “DVSA Services: How we are dealing with bots and the reselling of driving tests”

  1. I’m not very good when it comes to using a computer, so bots is over my head. But thinking on that 1st you’ll need the pupils details , driving licence number where they live etc? so where do these people/ companys?? get the details from.? if using someone detail with them knowing it that is fraud

  2. Stephen Griffiths

    It’s a disgrace it’s so hard to teach pupils as they may not have a test for months then all they f a sudden they have a test booked in a week when there not test standard and it’s so hard to sort our diary and bookings aswel

  3. The problem won’t go away until the dvsa BANS the buying and selling of early test dates doesn’t matter who is buying or selling dates . Driving school or third parties.Ban all ! Problem solved.

  4. Please can someone explain how the bots do it?
    To book a test you need a licence number, with a “live” theory pass.

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