Kia’s sustainability drive: turning ocean plastic into electric dreams

Plastic water bottles pollution in ocean (Environment concept). High quality photo

In its upcoming EV vehicles, Kia intends to use recycled plastic from a 55-ton haul that was recovered from the Pacific Ocean.

The Ocean Cleanup, Kia’s global partner, has recovered a record-breaking amount of plastic, marking the next stage of a seven-year global partnership that was established in April 2022.

Kia incorporates recovered ocean plastic collected by the nonprofit project into their value chain process thanks to this arrangement.

At Victoria on Canada’s Vancouver Island, the Ocean Cleanup brought in their most recent capture. It passed through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) and was extracted from the Pacific Ocean using The Ocean Cleanup’s System 002 extraction technology.

Recycling will begin shortly, and Kia will use some of the material in future models.

Kia has adopted 30 eco-friendly ideas across a range of product categories. The automaker has included the EV9 with what it considers its top 10 sustainability features.

The EV9’s recycled plastic and bio-based parts weigh about 34 kg.

“Initiatives such as this one perfectly align with Kia’s transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider and our Plan S strategy, through which we embrace the needs of our customers and the protection of our environment by acting as a responsible corporate citizen,” said, Senior Vice President and Head of the Global Brand & CX Division at Kia, Charles Ryu.

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