Land Rovers are UK’s number one lottery dream car

Front view of a Land Rover

A new survey by Go.Compare Car Insurance has revealed that Land Rovers are Britain’s number one lottery dream car.

The comparison site asked 2,000 UK residents what car they would buy if they were to win the lottery, and Land Rovers were picked by 7% of respondents – more than any other manufacturer.

Audis came in a close second, being picked by 6.1% of Brits, while 5.6% said they’d use their winnings to get an Aston Martin, placing them in third. Mercedes-Benz and Tesla completed the top five, which were selected by 5.3% and 5.1% respectively.

Britain’s top 10 lottery dream cars can be found below:

  1. Land Rover – 7%
  2. Audi – 6.1%
  3. Aston Martin – 5.6%
  4. Mercedes-Benz – 5.3%
  5. Tesla – 5.1%
  6. Jaguar – 4%
  7. Porsche – 4%
  8. Ford – 3.4%
  9. BMW – 3.4%
  10. Bentley – 3%

While Land Rovers are preferred by the most Brits, younger respondents seemed to prioritise the environment when selecting their dream car. Teslas were much more popular among younger age groups, with 11.6% of under-25s opting for this manufacturer, making them their top pick overall. In contrast, only 2.7% of over 54s made the same choice.

Meanwhile, Porsches appear to be the lottery winner’s family car of choice. This manufacturer was the top selection among parents and guardians in our survey, being picked by 16.4% of those responsible for looking after kids.

Range Rovers are Brits’ dream type of car

As well as asking which manufacturer they’d buy from, Go.Compare also gave respondents a chance to name the type of car they’d purchase if their numbers came up lucky.

Again, Land Rover came out on top, as Range Rovers were the most picked cars across the survey. A total of 42 out of the 2,000 asked said they’d go for this type of car if they won the lottery. The Land Rover Discovery and the Land Rover Defender also made the top five, chosen by 28 and 16 respondents respectively, showing that this manufacturer really is a top choice among Brits.

The Porsche 911 was also a popular selection, being chosen by 37 respondents and ranking second overall. The Aston Martin DB9 was picked by 16 respondents, placing it in joint fourth.

Ryan Fulthorpe, car insurance expert at Go.Compare, says: “It’s always interesting to see the different types of cars people are interested in owning, especially in situations where money is no object. Clearly, Land Rovers are Britain’s dream car at the moment, with three of this manufacturer’s models coming in the top five of our list.

“While you wait on a stroke of lottery luck, comparing policies on your current car will ensure you can save as much as possible towards your dream set of wheels.”

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