Less than a fifth of drivers feel prepared for a car maintenance emergency

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Less than a fifth (18%) of drivers feel prepared for dealing with a vehicle emergency, a new survey from Go.Compare Car Insurance has revealed.

The insurance comparison site asked UK motorists whether they feel equipped for a car maintenance emergency, but shockingly, the majority of motorists did not think they were, with 82% stating as such.

Men claim to feel better prepared for a car emergency, as 21% say they do, compared to just 15% of women. Millennials (those born between 1982-99) and the silent generation (1928-45) are the least prepared, with only 17% and 11% feeling equipped for a car breakdown incident, respectively.

Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of MotorEasy, said the types of safety items carried should depend on the age of the car and the time of year. He added: “Year-round essentials include the standard fittings that come with every car, including a spare tyre or tyre repair kit, a working jack and an emergency triangle. We also recommend taking a first aid kit, flashlight, and phone charger, plus for longer trips, food, water, and a road atlas in case your sat nav fails.”

Go.Compare also found that only around a third (34%) of vehicle owners say they are comfortable with performing their own car maintenance checks. A similar percentage (32%) of survey respondents admitted to never performing their own checks, instead relying on professionals to do it for them.

Almost a quarter (23%) of drivers said they do perform car maintenance checks every two to three months, while 22% claim to do their checks monthly. However, 10% of motorists say they only perform checks once a year or less, and just 8% and 5% check their cars weekly and fortnightly, respectively.

Tom Banks, motoring expert at Go.Compare, said: “It’s worrying to see how few vehicle owners feel prepared for a maintenance emergency. It’s so important to carry the necessary safety items in your car, especially during seasons of more extreme weather conditions. This will hopefully help you feel more equipped should the unexpected happen.

“It’s equally concerning to see that only around a third of drivers feel comfortable performing their own car checks, especially as these can help to prevent faults and potentially, even breakdowns. Adding breakdown cover to your insurance policy, or buying it separately, may help you feel more prepared for such an incident. This is typically not included in standard insurance cover, but you can compare breakdown policies from multiple providers to find the right option for you.”

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