Lexus tops list of UK’s most reliable used car brands

In a list dominated by Japanese manufacturers, the luxury brand Lexus has been named the most reliable car in the UK.

Topping the table, the Toyota-owned company came out first in a survey or more than 25,000 motorists conducted by WhatCar?, in an attempt to find out the best and worst cars on British roads.

Long-suffering drivers were asked how long repairs took to fix and how much they were hit in the pocket by work undertaken.

Cars were then given an overall reliability score out of 100 with Lexus coming out on top with an impressive 98.4 per cent.

Closely behind was Toyota, which got a score of 97.2 per cent, and Mitsubishi which scored 97 per cent.

Other brands hailing from Asia that were on the list included Hyundai and Suzuki (both 95.8 per cent); Kia (95.5 per cent) and Mazda (95.2 per cent).

Mini was the top scoring British brand coming in at 97 per cent – the same score as Mitsubishi, which no longer sells cars in the UK.

The top ten was completed by MG and Dacis.

Jim Holder, What Car? editorial director, said: “Lexus and Toyota deliver top-class results with such metronomic consistency that it is easy to take them for granted, but anyone doing that should take a look at the results of so-many so-called premium brands who are failing to deliver year-after-year, or so-called brands investing in ‘customer-centric experience’ yet failing to hit the mark.

“It’s stark that – Lexus and Mini aside – the top ten is dominated by mainstream brands.

“We’ve come to take reliability for granted from our vehicles but, while cars are so much more reliable despite being so much more complex, the What Car? survey highlights that there is a huge difference between the levels offered by the very best and very worst.

“The survey shows that what you pay is rarely directly related to the reliability of the vehicle you get and that, as always, buyers need to research carefully before committing to a brand if reliability is a concern.”

Mini was the highest ranking British brand in the survey (BMW Group).

What Car? collected the data and questioned owners of used cars up to five years old about how often their vehicles had failed in the past two years.

At the bottom of the table, Jeep was named the least reliable brand, followed by Land Rover and Fiat.

The Nissan Leaf was named as the most reliable used EV.

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