Llandrindod Wells home to Britain’s best drivers

The latest data from DVLA driving test centres reveals the Welsh town returns the highest pass rate.

Llandrindod Wells in Wales is home to Britain’s best drivers, according to new research.

Collingwood Insurance Services examined the latest data from DVLA driving test centres across Britain and discovered the Welsh town returned the highest pass rate, with 73.19% passing the test.

Of 593 conducted tests, 434 people passed with flying colours and subsequently ditched their ‘L’ plates.

Darren Taylor, marketing manager at Collingwood Insurance, said: “As pass rates drop to a ten-year low, it is interesting to see which locations had the highest pass rate in relation to tests conducted. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons in all walks of life and the backlog testing centres are facing is causing headaches for learner drivers across the country. It will be interesting to see if men will continue to have statistically higher pass rates than women in a post-lockdown world, or whether women can turn the tables and pass first time around more frequently.  

The overall pass rate for Britain slumped to just 45.8%, representing the lowest pass rate since 2009-2010, when 45.9% of learner drivers successfully navigated their practical driving test.

Scottish learners appear to be the best in Britain with six locations — three in Angus — cropping up in the Top 10.

Montrose was the best of the rest behind Llandrindod Wells with a pass rate of 68.03%. Forfar and Arbroath featured at sixth and seventh on the list.

Alnwick enjoyed the highest male pass rate in England with 227 of 321 men — 70.72% — passing their test, compared to just 59.67% of women who took the test. The highest pass rate for women in Britain was recorded in Llandrindod Wells, where 204 of 294 women sitting the practical exam passed, representing a 69.39% pass rate.

The worst drivers in Britain are based in Birmingham according to the figures, with just 28.61% receiving a pass from their examiner.

Just one in four women (25.11%) who took their practical exam through Birmingham’s The Pavillion test centre passed, while the city’s South Yardley centre ranked as the second worst with just 27.96% of women passing.

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  1. Taniya Keoghan

    Well that’s a joke! A high percentage of people who passed in Llandrindod Wells were from out of area – they went there because of its easy routes and high pass rate. On top of that, the DVSA have now closed ‘this test centre!

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