Lockdown in Leicester: what it means for restarting driver and rider services

The Government announced on 29 June that Leicester and surrounding areas are in lockdown following an increase in Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

Which areas are affected
Read the government statement on the areas affected and the restrictions that have been put in place pending a review from 18 July.

What this means to you
The local lockdown means that if you live in this area you will not be able to restart driving or riding instruction until after the restrictions are lifted.

DVSA will still open the trainer booker service on the 6 July, but you will not be able to book any tests in test centres located in the areas affected.

DVSA will continue to offer a service for critical workers in these areas. Any existing critical worker tests in these areas will go ahead as planned.

What this means to DVSA services
This means that DVSA will be unable to reopen theory test centres in the areas affected on 4 July and for the duration of the lockdown.

Motorcycle and vocational tests will not be able to restart in the affected areas on 13 July and for the duration of the lockdown.

DIA will continue to monitor this situation and we will let you know when testing and training can resume.

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