Majority support nationwide ban on pavement parking, survey finds

Car parked on curb. Close up of tire.

The majority of people support demands to outlaw parking on pavements, with nearly two thirds (62%) supporting the idea.

Startline Motor Finance conducted the research after the Local Government Association (LGA) called for increased authority to impose the ban in England.

According to the surveys, 28% of respondents thought that parking on pavements is “just lazy,” 23% think that drivers should give way to pedestrians, and 21% find it “annoying.”

A similar proportion (24%) asserted, however, that parking on pavements is frequently feasible while still providing room for walkers, and 14% defended their position by stating they only park on the pavement when dropping someone off or stopping by a store.

Currently, only London has prohibited pavement parking; however, local governments have the authority to exempt specific routes.

A consultation on imposing limits on pavement parking is scheduled to occur in Wales, while some authorities in Scotland have just begun to impose a statewide parking ban.

Paul Burgess, CEO at Startline Motor Finance, said: “We asked this question following the introduction of a more zero tolerance approach to pavement parking in Scotland and our research shows it would be popular with the majority of people right across the UK.

“The research clearly shows quite a lot of annoyance around pavement parking and drivers not leaving enough space for pedestrians to get by, which is understandable, although there is some pushback from drivers who believe you can pavement park responsibly.

“Our suspicion is that many people don’t realise that parking on the pavement is illegal almost everywhere unless signage says it is allowed, and there is probably an argument for making the situation clearer, which is effectively what the Local Government Association is demanding.”

APD Global Research compiles the Startline Used Car Tracker on a monthly basis for Startline Motor Finance.

2 thoughts on “Majority support nationwide ban on pavement parking, survey finds”

  1. If they ban pavement parking throughout the country, this narrows the roads without spending money on traffic calming measures which intern slows vehicles down and makes pedestrians and disabled people much safer as they are not walking in the road, some vehicle owners may even sell their cars or reduce the number of vehicles in the household.This can also be very good for the environment

    Also why don’t the ban drivers from parking there vehicles on the wrong side of the road facing on coming traffic as this is also extremely dangerous, when they set off and can’t see clearly as another larger vehicle is parked blocking their view. There are other countries in the world that do this.
    Road safety is the priority for all road users

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