Martin Lewis reveals cheapest time of day to fuel your car

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Millions of Britons are looking for ways to save as much money as they can as the cost of living crisis continues.

Money Saving Expert (MSE) Martin Lewis has offered loads of tips to save pennies throughout the years, ranging from bank account warnings to cost-saving hacks for bills.

This time the financial journalist is helping out motorists!

Lewis has informed drivers that they can save money on their fuel bills by filling up their vehicles at a certain time of the day.

There has long been an urban myth that says you will save money on petrol and diesel if you fill up your car at night.

But is this myth true after all? As it turns out, yes – but there’s a catch.

MSE claims that drivers could get a ‘tiny, tiny bit’ more petrol if they go to the pumps at night.

This is due to the temperature dropping in the evening, resulting in fuel pumps being calibrated by volume. Because of this, you can get a small amount of extra fuel by filling up when it’s colder.

But the MSE, which also provides other cost-saving tips, claims that it only saves “pennies, at best.”

They suggest that when you have 50 miles left in the tank, that’s when you should fill up your car, so you have plenty of time to hunt for the best deal rather than finding the first one you see when you’re running on the last dregs of fuel.

You should only use ‘better fuel’ if your car can cope, with MSE explaining: “Many petrol stations sell “high performance” fuels, yet there’s little or no performance difference for most non-performance cars.

“So only fill up with the super-fuels if you have a sports car or you’ve been specifically advised that your car will actually use the petrol correctly.”

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