NASP continues to challenge Standards Check changes

The National Associations Strategic Partnership, composed of DIA, ADINJC and MSA, has released a statement today detailing the continuing frustration and concern regarding changes to how Standards Checks and Part 3 assessments are prioritised.

Read the full statement below.

DIA Chief Executive Carly Brookfield commented “We have continued to meet with DVSA regularly on this issue but remain frustrated that the many concerns and questions the industry has expressed about these changes have still not been satisfactorily addressed.

As a result of our latest discussion with the agency on Monday we prepared a statement which summarises our current position. It is important DVSA really listens to the industry on this issue and does not just plough on regardless thinking these changes are a medicine trainers just need to swallow for the greater good.

We broadly support the use of a wider set of performance measures (rather than just purely a Standards Check alone) to build a better picture of trainer competence, but how this is all built and delivered needs to be done with better consultation and communication than what we’ve experienced to date.”

NASP’s latest statement on SC changes

14 thoughts on “NASP continues to challenge Standards Check changes”

  1. Jayne Beresford

    We’re fighting a losing battle. Dvsa have always done what ever they want and we just have to suck it up

  2. Jayne Beresford

    Dvsa have always done what ever they want and we just have to suck it up Not much point fighting it

  3. I was horrified to think after 20 years of being a driving instructor I was being totally judged on my pass rate, when not only are my test students nervous about the test due to a lapse in lessons and the need to do a test due to the long wait for tests, and my lack of teaching for so many months off due to lockdown, please give us a break!!!!!, we are trying our best, I really feel Im not happy in my job now and is it time to leave????
    Im so bewildered

  4. Neville Stamford

    DVSA rarely listen and still aren’t. Today’s announcement regarding B+E and other vocational changes are an absolute shambles and a kick in the teeth to small business like me! I’m astounded that because they cannot cope with demand they simply scrap the test!

  5. Peter Mulholland-kohli

    I agree that change is necessary because a standard check test is just a snap shot of an instructors competence.Don’t agree that I should be judged on my clients performance during test because it’s influence by factors beyond my control.if there are patterns In Repeated flaws then I’m ok being alerted to this so I can expect every instructor to have a higher test pass rate than any given test centre seems absurd to me.

  6. Talking absolute crap as always, lovely statement but what are you actually doing? Not a lot, but no surprise there, empty words for a change!

  7. At last, the standards check is being addressed and will not lead to others losing their licenses due to a simple difference of opinion between a power struck supervising examiner and an instructor who has given a lessons that the pupil claims is the best lesson they have ever had and perfectly addresses the pupil’s needs on both occasions (pupil centred learning?). I have now left the industry due to being disillusioned after 17 years without so much as a bad score on the standards check until 2019 when my career was put in jeapourdy thanks to a strict tick and box system and a supervising examiner who loved to hear her own opinions and clearly didn’t listen to the needs of the pupil. I complained but nothing happened. I continued to be a professional instructor with added covid training and was well respected by the examiners at my local test centre as one of the most professional instructors in the area and was still busy but the standards check is nothing more than a one time pandering to the DVSA. Now the DVSA are wondering why they can’t keep instructors. When instructors are supported with training and a fair way of checking standards then the industry will improve.

  8. I would like to know that the examiners who take us for our standard check are up to the job and realise what we have to do to get pupils up to standard for their driving test. I had a standard test were I think that the examiner wasn’t up to standard and I felt that I got penalised because of that.

  9. No waifs, no strays, no thinking outside of the box, teaching how they learn not as we teach! My proudest moments have been the one who were told No! You Can’t!
    And then did. If I can’t teach that way I have lost interest and care little for your statistics
    You will be one more grade A adi short very soon

  10. I Passed my ADI some years ago now with a Grade ‘A’. My role as an ADI is that I give Response driving instruction to the Emergency services. They are already qualified drivers so do not need to be subjected to a DVSA test , so am wondering as to date I have not and have no intention of giving normal driving lessons to learner drivers and submitting them for test, how I stand with the current standards check and grading also why do I need to be an ADI when I am not teaching people to drive I am teaching them new skills.

    Kind Regards
    Paul Baker

  11. I really think the standards check is a farce anyway and should be scrapped. It takes alot of hard work and study to attain the ADI badge in the first place. So to have to do it again and again is not right. It should be replaced with mandatory yearly training in all aspects of Driver training. This could be online or zoom workshops etc just like the DIA do at the moment. Nurses snd Doctors and ALL Health care professionals retain their skills in this way. WHY are we any different. They save lives on a daily basis. We train people to keep safe on the roads and how to drive etc. Yet we are the ONLY profession that has to be retested every so many years. The DVSA are way behind being a modern organisation and should modernise and completely change the way ADIs retain their badges.

  12. I currently have 2 pupils I’ve trained from scratch and are test ready but have moved away and are taking their tests elsewhere. When they pass (presumably with a new driving instructor) it is not a fair reflection on me and my teaching ability.

    Also, what about pupils who simply suffer from nerves on their tests? If they fail with this current evaluation system the ADI will be scrutinised. Is that fair?

  13. Instructors worried about pass rates will cherry pick only good pupils and work on test times that have certain routes to ensure a pass this won’t aid road safety

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