NASP recommends stopping driving lessons

Statement from NASP (National Associations Strategic Partnership) which comprises the ADINJC, DIA and MSA GB 23.3.2020

At an extremely difficult and worrying time for us all, taking into account the Government public health advice regarding social distancing and trying to control and delay the spread of the COVID-19 virus, NASP would urge all instructors to stop delivering driving lessons, if you have not already done so, with the exception of teaching key workers where necessary. This should be until the end of April and then we can review the situation again. 

We fully appreciate the worry of financial loss that this brings, and we hope that our calls for Government to offer a rescue package to the self-employed are acted upon, but we consider it is not possible for us to comply with current social distancing measures whilst teaching in a car. 

We realise that any decision regarding your business is ultimately your own to make, but hope that this announcement might help those of you with uncertainty about the appropriate course of action to take in these unprecedented circumstances. We will keep you updated as times go on and if the situation changes, please keep checking NASP website for current updates and advice.

Lynne Barrie on behalf of NASP as the current chair

3 thoughts on “NASP recommends stopping driving lessons”

  1. Totally agree on stopping lessons. I’m a driving instructor from Northern Ireland and stopped lessons from last Thursday evening 19th. I’m not earning a penny now, my wife is an NHS worker and I’ll support her as much as possible. I’ve also gone online to find out can I claim anything, first thing I was asked. I have savings. As we’re self employed I don’t think we can get anything. Its gonna be tough for everyone.

  2. It’s taken more than 2 days just to register. My wife works at a dispatch for a chemical company for medical supply’s so is a key worker. So she is still working. I have a choice work and pay the bills. Or if I get the 97.00 a week that will not cover our bills mortgage car electric gas. Which is very unlikely. And lose everything
    Or work putting myself and wife at a very high risk.
    The government is forcing me to work to keep my home or die trying. Win win for them one more empty house.

  3. I am a retired school teacher. Very fortunate that I have both a teachers pension and state pension. Not teaching people to drive will mean a reduction in my income. I understand I can not claim because of my additional income.
    What I find frustrating is that a teacher friend who is on the same teacher and state pension as myself is able to claim 80% of his income as a supply teacher because he is on PAYE.
    This seems very unfair. We have both payed income tax.

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