Nearly two-thirds of UK motorists will risk a £100 fine this winter by failing to carry spare headlamps

Car Driving in Dense Fog. Dangerous Road Conditions. Night Time Driving in Fog.

Research from eBay UK has revealed how 64% of drivers risk a £100 fine by failing to carry spare headlamp bulbs with them – with 18% of drivers admitting to waiting between one and two weeks before changing a blown headlight.

Getting caught driving in the dark with a broken bulb is a safety risk, and also puts drivers at risk of receiving a £100 fixed penalty notice fine – a figure that could rise to £1,000 if challenged in court.

With the clocks changing on Sunday 29th October, drivers will face significantly darker and potentially more dangerous commutes in the months ahead.

Despite the importance of carrying spare headlight bulbs, 64% of those surveyed failed to carry them in their vehicles*. This omission, although perfectly legal, puts them at risk of running into problems when their headlight bulbs fail, especially during darker months.

Laura Richards, Category Lead, Vehicle Parts and Accessories at eBay UK Ltd, said: “Our statistics highlight the need for drivers to keep spare headlight bulbs to hand. With only one headlight working, visibility will be reduced which could have serious consequences as we enter darker months – especially when driving in rural areas with unlit roads.

“Last year, we experienced spikes in demand for replacement bulbs in November and January**. We recommend motorists carry a set of spare bulbs in the glove box, so they’re not caught out and, with eBay’s MyGarage registration look-up technology, finding the right bulbs for your car couldn’t be simpler.”

Motorists can easily purchase replacement headlight bulbs from eBay by entering their vehicle information using eBay’s newly enhanced MyGarage function, which allows customers to find the right vehicle parts with confidence using their car registration. As part of its Assured Fit promise, when shoppers purchase an eligible part or accessory, they can be sure it will fit their vehicle. If, for any reason, it isn’t the right part upon arrival, they can return it for free within 30 days for a full refund.

4 thoughts on “Nearly two-thirds of UK motorists will risk a £100 fine this winter by failing to carry spare headlamps”

  1. Fair enough. but what about the drivers who only drive with one light. That used to be an offence and dealt with.
    The other evening I thought I was being followed by a motorbike until it got closer!

    And it’s not a one off, was the same pre-Covid.

  2. Iain Nicolson

    What’s the point of carrying a spare headlamp bulb when changing a headlamp bulb is a fairly major task on so many modern vehicles, often requiring a range of tools, removal of front bumper and/or other underbonnet items? In my opinion, doing this task at the roadside can be more hazardous than driving home, or to a garage, on one headlight. Furthermore, modern headlights are so bright these days, I’m pretty sure that driving with one headlight still gives you more light than having two operational headlights a few years ago! (Although I do appreciate that there are other issues involved with having only one light rather than two).

  3. David Elleker

    yeah i will give you no chance of changing a bulb on the side of the road in the dark raining ,on mine on the left its easier to take the battery out other side needs the fuel filter housing moved out the way ,im sure some are better designed and at worst take the bumper off its not a perfect world we live in

  4. Robin Lamport

    What a load of utter tripe. Where did they get their facts from? Police do not stop cars or lorries. The law is correct but there is certainly no enforcement. No wonder people in general plead ignorance. Laws are there for a reason and should be used! An empty windscreen washer bottle surprising nobody understands this one. My experience on driving courses I find responses I have never heard of this. 3 points and fine from £50-£500 HGV/Coaches are the the latter.

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