New app that turns smartphones into dashcams may soon be able to detect speeding

A brand-new, free app that turns smartphones into dashcams may soon be sophisticated enough to catch other drivers speeding.

Users can submit evidence of 21 different driving offences to the police on the free dashcamUK app.

It can record infractions including running a red light, failing to signal, and texting while driving.

Launching in May, The Times reports that the app may yet be developed with the ability to track speeding.

The app has the potential to significantly increase reports of road crime because only about a quarter of the 33 million drivers in the country have dashcams, compared to almost everyone who has a mobile phone.

James Gibson, executive director of Road Safety GB, said: “If drivers believe that they’re being watched by others, we hope they will drive in the right way.”

Oleksiy Afonin, the 46-year-old creator, claimed that footage could be uploaded to the official police video portal in less than a minute and was more simpler to use than a conventional dashcam.

Ukrainian-born Afonin held a series of early meetings with the National Police Chiefs’ Council while he was coming up with the app.

As a result, it has a number of suggested features to guarantee that the video evidence stands up to scrutiny in court.

Because all users will only need to tap the home screen to report a breach, those using the app while driving won’t run the risk of being caught using a phone while operating a vehicle.

The app captures the user’s driving experience, but in order to conserve phone storage, it automatically deletes footage after 30 seconds unless the user taps the screen.

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