New drivers aged under 25 could be banned from carrying young passengers

A happy young woman driver sitting in car, waiting.

New drivers under the age of 25 could face a ban from carrying young passengers in their vehicle as part of a ‘graduated driving licence’ scheme being considered by Government.

Transport minister Richard Holden will consider the plan with road safety campaigners at a meeting on May 16.

Road safety charity Brake say drivers of that age are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash if they are driving with others – claiming peer pressure leads to young motorists showing off.

New restrictions would see amendments made to the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act to ban passengers under the age of 25 in drivers’ first year or six months.

The Act already bans drivers if they get six points in their first two years of driving.

It has been backed by Support for Victims of Road Crashes – an advisory to the Department of Transport – and National Police Chief’s Council Roads Policing lead Jo Shiner.

Extra restrictions on newly qualified drivers, which would have seen curfews and limits on passengers in the car, were dismissed in January 2022, because there was a recognition that young drivers needed to use cars for employment.

Government statistics show as many as a quarter of new drivers are involved in accidents in their first two years on the road.

In a statement to The Times, the Department for Transport (DfT) said: “Every death or serious injury on our roads is a tragedy and we continue to work tirelessly to improve road safety for all users.

“Our approach to improving safety for new and novice drivers is through new technology and improving education, while reinforcing vital road safety messages through our Think! campaign.”

7 thoughts on “New drivers aged under 25 could be banned from carrying young passengers”

  1. Sadhna Patel

    totally agree with under 25.
    ban for driving their passengers. especially evenings/ night times.

  2. My 24 year old Daughter & son in law with their 2 kids effectively couldn’t have a family day out or go for a food shop should one or the other be at work.

    If there was a deterrent of police seen on the roads & actually pulling people over for bad driving behaviour & cameras being used to view the roads & fine people automatically maybe that would help!

  3. I as an instructor for 17 years experienced think that although I am very passionate about teaching young students to drive and try my utmost to get them to a high standard. I believe that young students should be made to have a minimum of 60 hours training through an ADI and also longer period more than 6 months before taking other friends of a young age in the car with them until at least a year before gaining more experience. Although I teach to a high standard I still think they have to gain more experience to learn more about responsibility.

  4. Do you think the road safety campaigners have actually thought about this, I teach a lot of young pupils that will be giving there siblings a lift to school allowing there perants to go to work on time and not have to finish early to pick them up. I doubt If the campaigners could pass there driving test.

  5. Lavinia Staddon

    parents shouldn’t be allowed to teach their children to drive. All learners should have a minimum of 40 hours with a qualified driving instructor

  6. Another Nanny state item just to hide their incompetence on actually fulfilling their own pledge on driving test waiting times and sorting out the strikes. If someone has passed a driving test to DVSA standard then they have passed, if you are a young mother and need to take a sick child to the doctors, then of course they are going to do so. Then they are breaking the law!

  7. So we’re are our children’s meant to go ? Have youse not realized that a lot of new parent now a days are under 25 ? I think it’s stupid !
    What about car pollution carnt all go in one car if there under 25 can they? Youse preschool about the environment but this will make it worse🫣

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