New home-charging payment system for fleet vehicles launched by Allstar

New home-charging payment system for fleet vehicles launched by Allstar

A new payment solution for fleet operators that require employees to charge their business vehicle at home, has been launched.

Known as Homecharge by Allstar, it provides businesses with visibility of home charging across their fleets, with all charging costs coming through on one consolidated invoice. All home charging payments are made directly to their drivers’ energy supplier.

EV charging specialist Mina powers the new service.

For employees, Homecharge can mitigate any out-of-pocket expenses, administration or bill shock – something that Allstar says has never been more critical with the steep rise in energy prices.

The Allstar Driver Homecharge portal gives drivers access to their home charging history. On the portal drivers can also manage home energy tariffs details, have visibility over home charging sessions, and view when and how much EV charging has been paid for by their employer.

Combined with Allstar’s fuel and electric charging card, Allstar One Electric, drivers can access on the road charging too, with more than 5,000 charge points across a multi-branded EV charging network.

In the Zap-Mapp app, Allstar One Electric has been added as a payment, providing additional enhanced features to search, plan, and pay for charging across the Allstar electric charging network.

Managing director of UK Fuel at Allstar Business Solutions, Paul Holland, said: ““Increasingly, UK businesses are migrating their fleets to electric vehicles. With that comes additional responsibilities and considerations when it comes to fleet management, including facilitating home charging and facilitating payments for work-related usage.

“Allstar Homecharge is supporting the many businesses that have already started to transition to EV fleets, as well as those who are planning to, by providing the payment processes and infrastructure needed to do this securely and seamlessly. It is the first of its kind to simplify EV charging payments for drivers and businesses when at home.”

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