New online tool to check your drivers’ theory test progress

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DVSA’s official publishers, The Stationery Office (TSO), is launching a new tool to help train drivers and riders through their theory tests.

Trainers and organisations can save time and gain valuable information in supporting their drivers and pupils study for their theory tests. This will help them to pass more quickly.

The new tool allows you to check on the progress of your drivers and pupils as they prepare to take their theory test. This means you can:

  • See the topics they understand well
  • See their scores and check that their levels of understanding are improving
  • Identify areas where they may need extra help and support
  • Tailor revision sessions so they better meet your drivers’ needs

The resource can be used to help with all theory tests, such as checking on progress for heavy/large goods vehicles as well as Driver CPC case studies, and passenger-carrying vehicles theory test candidates.

You can also use the tool to check on the progress of car, motorcycle and approved driving instructors (ADIs) candidates.

Sign up for a free webinar to find out more

TSO is hosting a series of webinars in April and May to show the new multi-user platform and demonstrate the existing eLearning resources.

You can sign up for the webinars for free, online.

If you are unable to make these dates, you should keep checking the Safe Driving for Life website. New dates will be added for the webinar once they’ve been arranged.

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