New print version of The Highway Code is available to buy

Updated to include recent changes

The new printed version of The Highway Code is available in shops and online.

You can also buy the new printed version from the DIA at –

The new print version includes the recent changes to the Highway Code including: 

  • self-driving vehicles
  • hand-held mobile rules change
  • changes to sentencing for driving related offences

Since January, The Highway Code has included improved guidance on taking responsibility for one’s own safety and that of people around you, based on their relative vulnerability.  

You can review a list of all the recent changes on GOV.UK

How to stay up to date

The full version of The Highway Code is available, free of charge, on GOV.UK.  

The new Highway Code also appears in the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit app, available from the App Store and Google Play. 

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