New telephone numbers for 68 driving test centres

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From today (18 January), the contact telephone numbers for 68 driving test centres (DTCs) have changed. The old number will no longer be active so please update your contact details.

DTC telephone numbers are given to candidates so they can contact their local driving test centre if there is bad weather on the day of their test.

A list of the new telephone numbers for the 68 DTCs is available to download.

The contact numbers now display an 020 code, which will appear as a London number. However, you will be connected directly to your local DTC, as usual. The numbers are not routed through DVSA’s contact centre.

Let your pupils know

DVSA has contacted candidates who have a test booked at the 68 DTCs to let them know the new number they should use in the event of bad weather.

If you have booked a test on behalf of your pupil, please let them know about the change in contact number. 

Further changes

DVSA will introduce this technology to all of it’s driving test centres over the next few months. DVSA will be contacting you to confirm the new numbers in due course.

It is investing in VOiP technology because it allows calls to be made using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular landline.

This will improve the quality of the calls to DVSA.

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