New theory test booking service to go live from 8 July

Theory tests will only be available to book two months in advance by the time the new system opens.

The new theory test booking service, for England, Scotland and Wales, will be launched on Thursday 8 July 2021. Bookings will be taken online and via the DVSA customer service centre. This service is moving from Pearson VUE to DVSA.

The new online booking system will accept test bookings to be taken from 4 September when the new theory test service begins. Any test bookings for dates before 4 September must be made on the current system.

All theory tests including ADI part 1 and enhanced rider scheme training theory tests are still booked from the current GOV.UK pages. For tests to be taken from 4 September, other than slightly different looking screens, DVSA says you and your pupils will not notice a difference.

DVSA has worked with theory test candidates and the Government Digital Service to improve the booking service by making it easier to use.

Currently theory tests can be booked four months in advance. From 4 May the amount of time that tests can be booked in advance will be reduced by one day. By the time the new booking system opens on 8 July, tests will only be available two months in advance.

DVSA has taken action to reduce the theory test backlog by extending opening hours in England and Wales and opening additional temporary theory test centres in England. This has created additional test capacity, so the number of tests available to book should not be affected, just how far in advance you can book them.

The contract for running theory test centres from 4 September has been split into three regions. Some existing test centres will change location and DVSA is working with the new suppliers to confirm where the new theory test centres will be. 

2 thoughts on “New theory test booking service to go live from 8 July”

  1. Why only 2 x months advance bookings, many new drivers are at university studying for the future and on return from university take up driver training and theory tests, this could cause them unnecessary prolonged waiting times for availability of theory tests, the same is currently happening with practical driving tests, pupils are not ready to take a test but have a slot booked, but, when going on line to change to a later date there are no available driving test slots.

  2. DVSA Proving once again that they are not fit for purpose. This is just going to be a nightmare.
    Or do they own Genie ? or one of the other booking services, the paid for booking services are the only ones that will prosper form this. Their computers will be quicker than students in booking any of the test’s.

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