New theory test service

The number of theory test centres in Great Britain will increase from 6 September and many will change location.

DVSA is changing the way the theory test is provided in England, Scotland and Wales.

From 6 September, the number of theory test centres in Great Britain will increase from 180 to 202 and many theory test centres will change location.

The new booking system will launch here on 19 July, with tests available from 6 September onwards. ADI part 1 and DVSA enhanced rider scheme trainer theory tests will be available to book here.

Tests on or before 3 September can still be booked, where available, on the current booking system on GOV.UK.

Practical test centre locations are not affected by the changes.

Click here for a list of all available new theory test centre network addresses.

Some changes to theory test centre locations will not be confirmed by the time DVSA opens the new booking system on 19 July. DVSA will add these test centres to the booking system as soon as the addresses and opening dates are confirmed and will write to you to let you know when they have been added.

Candidates who want to book a theory test before their closest theory test centre opens can use ‘find your nearest theory test centre’ on GOV.UK to find the nearest alternative centre.

When the new booking system opens on 19 July, from the green ‘start’ button, the candidate will be asked to choose a date for their theory test. They will automatically be directed to the correct booking system depending on the date they select.

The new theory test booking system will look a little different because of new web pages and the software being used.

Dates for bookings at new theory test centres where the address is yet to be confirmed will be added to the booking system as soon as the address and opening date is confirmed.

If a candidate wishes to change a theory test appointment from a date booked for before or on 3 September, to a date on or after 6 September, they will need to cancel their current theory test on GOV.UK and rebook online using the new booking system. This is because the two booking systems are separate. Refunds will be issued for cancelled tests as normal.

Theory test bookings with additional support can only be cancelled or rescheduled by contacting the customer contact centre.

For booking enquiries about theory tests due to take place on or before 3 September only, continue to contact Pearson VUE:

From 19 July, for booking enquiries about theory tests due to take place on or after 6 September, contact DVSA customer contact centre as it will be taking over the service from Pearson VUE:

From 6 September the theory test will look slightly different on screen but the structure and content of the test itself will not change.

If any of your pupils are planning to take their theory test on or before 3 September and have to change or retake their test on or after 6 September, they will need to be aware the location of their nearest theory test centre may have changed.

DVSA will write to all candidates with a theory test booked to explain this.

2 thoughts on “New theory test service”

  1. Gary Quinn Driving Instructor

    It is absolutely shameful that St Helens center will be closing,there is a high demand for lessons in this area but now the pupils will have to travel to Liverpool or Manchester to take a theory test.
    This decision does not take into account the problems this will cause some pupils.

  2. Trevor Lidbury

    Do I understand correctly that MANSFIELD will be loosing it’s theory test centre altogether? If so, how/why has a town the size of Mansfield, which is the Principal Town for North Nottinghamshire, with a population larger than both Worksop, and Chesterfield (Derbyshire) which are the next nearest Theory Test Centres, geographically.


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