No more parking fines for minor keying errors

Fines for drivers who accidentally enter incorrect number plate details when paying for parking could be scrapped.

The British Parking Association (BPA) has revised its Code of Practice which no states that firms under its Approved Operator Scheme should overturn fines for ‘minor keying errors’.

A minor keying error is where “one character has been entered incorrectly, or where the registration has been entered in the wrong order.”

Previously, firms have issued Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) of up to £100 for such errors.

Steve Clark, BPA head of business operations, said: “We recognise that genuine mistakes can occur, which may result in a parking charge being issued even when a motorist can demonstrate they paid for their parking.”

Under the new rules, motorists may still have to appeal fines issued as a result of a typo, but “the PCN must be cancelled at the first stage of appeal.”

Fines for ‘major’ keying errors – such as multiple minor errors or entering a different car’s registration – may be successfully appealed at the first stage, “especially if it can be proven that the motorist has paid for the parking”.

The new Code of Practice also says that a grace period of at least 10 minutes must be added to the end of a parking event before a PCN can be issued.

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