Observations at junctions top reason for driving test fails

DVSA has published the most common driving test mistakes to help pupils improve their skills before they take the test.

DVSA has published the top 10 reasons for failing the driving test to help learners understand the common faults and knowledge and skills they need to work on to pass first time.

With the huge backlog of driving tests from the lockdown, it may be a long time before learners who fail their driving test can retake it. DVSA is hoping to ensure learners are better prepared for their test to reduce the number of test fails.

The top 10 reasons are:

  1. Not making effective observations at junctions
  2. Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction
  3. Not having proper control of the steering
  4. Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions
  5. Not moving off safely
  6. Not responding appropriately to traffic lights
  7. Poor positioning on the road during normal driving
  8. Not responding correctly to traffic signs
  9. Not having control of the vehicle when moving off
  10. Not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking

Click here for more detailed information on all 10 reasons and for tips for your pupils to improve their driving and avoid these mistakes.

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