Only 25% of UK drivers recognise all key road signs

When shown a selection of 10 road signs only 25% were able to identify all signs correctly.

New research has revealed that only 25% of UK drivers can recognise most typical road signs.

Data from Formula One Autocentres found that when shown a selection of 10 standard road signs, including signs for ‘National Speed Limit’, ‘Humps in the Road’, and ‘End of Motorway’, only 25% of the UK drivers surveyed were able to identify all signs correctly.

32% of respondents scored less than 6 out of 10 , and 4% were not able to correctly identify any signs.

A spokesperson from Formula One Autocentres says “It can be easy to forget all the basics that you learn when you first start driving, as being behind the wheel starts feeling more natural and you almost fall into an autopilot mode. It’s crucial, however, not to let this kind of information slip, as it’s things like road theory that make the difference between an average driver and a really safe, responsible driver.”

Click here to take the test yourself.

1 thought on “Only 25% of UK drivers recognise all key road signs”

  1. Mark Clements

    The results of this survey are not surprising. As a LGV/PCV, DVSA now NRI Registered instructor, candidates basic road craft, observational skills, poor knowledge of road signs and markings candidate struggled to meet the standards to pass the test for the vehicle they intend to drive.

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