PCS opens ballot on Examiner Strike

As previously communicated by DVSA, the Examiner’s union PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) will ballot members on possible industrial action triggered by concerns over the agency’s plans to trial increasing 8 tests per day in order to catch up on the backlog.

We don’t have much more information on the strike at the moment (other than that which is already out there in the public domain). DVSA are continuing to discuss the issues directly with PCS. However, PCS opened the ballot to members on Monday and it will close on 24th September.

As it is a postal only ballot it may take a few days after the closing date for the result to be known. We’ll update you as soon as we have more news.

2 thoughts on “PCS opens ballot on Examiner Strike”

  1. I wouldn’t do the extra hours for no extra pay so as much as I want the backlog down I agree with the examiners that it’s unfair. Increase their pay if need be as they’re already looking at bumping up the test fee what’s a few more pence?

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