‘Prolific’ Driving Test Cheat Avoids Prison After Impersonating Learner Driver and Sitting Theory Exam for £200

Rochdale resident Aaron Farrell, 27, who engaged in fraudulent activities by sitting driving tests on behalf of others, managed to evade a prison sentence by citing a “no income” defence, despite being labelled a “prolific nationwide impersonator” by officials from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Farrell was intercepted at a test centre operated by the agency in York, located 62 miles away from his home, just as he was preparing to take a theory exam booked under someone else’s identity.

The staff at the test centre grew suspicious when they recognised Farrell’s face from previous instances where an imposter had appeared. It was later revealed that he had received a payment of £200 to undertake the test on behalf of a man named Azizullah Adikhail.

According to a statement by Daniel Clapham, the test centre manager, Farrell’s photograph had been circulated on a watchlist of individuals to be wary of.

Appearing before Tameside Magistrates’ Court, Farrell, residing in Turf Hill, Rochdale, with his father living in Pakistan, pleaded guilty to charges of fraud by false representation and possession of an article intended for use in fraud.

For more details, you can read the full story at Mail Online.

1 thought on “‘Prolific’ Driving Test Cheat Avoids Prison After Impersonating Learner Driver and Sitting Theory Exam for £200”

  1. Policing Through

    What a mad sentence. No income is regarded as grounds not to go to jail? Seriously? As far as I am aware, you do not need an income in jail. Yet another case of a woke judge going soft on a career criminal.

    What was missing here was what happened to Azizullah Adikhail. He knowingly partook in a criminal act and should therefore be deported at once. We have enough home grown criminals that we cannot get rid of without importing more. Did he face any sort of prosecution? Doubtful. All he will do is to find another criminal to take his test for him. Who knows, he might find someone to take the practical test as well, which then puts our fellow countrymen at risk.

    The government has a duty to protect its citizens and letting the likes of Adikhail drive around on false documents and only facing a stern talking to at best is an abject failure in its protective duty. But then that should come as no surprise to anybody.

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