Relocation of Bristol theory test centre

The next scheduled testing date is 19 May.

The location of the Bristol theory test centre will be changing.

The next scheduled testing date is 19 May 2021. The address for the new site is:

Building 340, The Crescent, Bristol Business Park, Bristol, BS16 1EJ

All scheduled candidates will be contacted with information on the new location and directions

15 thoughts on “Relocation of Bristol theory test centre”

  1. My son has his test on the 7th June is it going to be at the new address. Will this be the new permanent site or will it go back to the original site


  2. Absolutely disgusting, I turned up to my theory test on 12/06/21 at the address stated in the email BS1 6EZ my test was at 6pm I cycled there to find a note saying the centre had been moved to this address and need to be there 30min before my test, I demand a refund or I am taking this to the papers, watchdog and trading standards because it’s impossible to get hold of an actual person to speak to and I know I’m not alone there are many many other who’ve been stung by this sheer lack of communication.

    1. My partner, tonight (5.30)pm also just done this and had to get the bus to find out he won’t be doing his test. Absolutely disgusting

    2. Unbelievable same thing happened to me yesterday….I had traveled by train from Bath there was another girl outside we jumped in a Uber went to new address middle of nowhere took test I failed by 1 point!!! Came out completely lost disgusting to allow this fiasco money wasted no human to clarify any of it…might end up going to Wales!!! for next one..

  3. My daughter just spent and hour on the bus and arrived to find note on the door, I can’t find a single number to contact them. She is now getting an uber but as the test centre is , its unlikely she will make it in time. Not happy.
    You need to update all search engines with correct location.

  4. Hi Aaron
    This recently happened to my daughter, the address on the email correspondence concerning her test is the old centre! Did you manage to get another test or a refund? We are just trying to contact them but there is no answer on the number so hoping they will respond to email enquiry. Thanks, Emma

  5. My son has his theory test this Thursday 12th, is it the new address (above) where he will be taking it?


  6. I came to this location to take my theory test and no one told me I had to come 5 minutes earlier,I came just 4 minutes past my test time and the staff at the reception (french lady) was very rude to me and honestly I am suspecting it is racism(I am black) they were very rude all had a harsh look on their face and they didn’t let me take my test. it had an effect on my mental health and they need better costumer service

    1. Not sure it’s racism. I’m white and in my experience, everyone there was rude/ abrupt, glared at participants as if they’d found us on the bottom of their shoe. I was already nervous. I was a wreck by the time I left. And yes, I failed by two points

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