Rescheduling on-hold test appointments

The on-hold button should only be used for a few specific reasons and not just if a candidate can't find a suitable date.

DVSA is asking all candidates with an on-hold driving test booking to choose a test date.

The agency will contact anyone with a booking on hold to let them know that they need to choose a test date by the end of Tuesday 31 August 2021.

DVSA is continuing to add new test slots, so if your pupil cannot find a test initially, they need to keep checking regularly.

If they do not choose a test slot by the end of Tuesday 31 August 2021, DVSA will cancel their on hold booking and issue them a full refund.

If you have booked any practical tests for your pupils that are still on hold, an email will be sent to the email address that you gave at the time of the booking.

DVSA says it is working to update the online booking system to make it clearer how the on-hold button should be used during the booking process. The on-hold option should only be used for booking tests:

  • At a remote site
  • Where candidates need an extended test
  • For an ADI part 2, ADI part 3 or ADI standards check
  • Where additional support is needed for reasons such as if you have a disability, health condition, are pregnant or have a learning difficulty

If tests are placed on hold for any other reason, the application will be cancelled, and the test fee refunded.

1 thought on “Rescheduling on-hold test appointments”

  1. My pupil on 12th April did not choose to put her application on hold it was put on hold by DVSA and they said they would get back to her with date when one becomes available. They haven’t offered one despite tests being available on the website. They are by and large grossly letting their customers down, they are an embarrassment to us all

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