Revealed: The best time of year to sell your car

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New research shows that the first half of the year is the best time to sell a car, with data showing that sellers shifted their cars for a higher price than the initial valuation. This time of year also boasts a higher track record of vehicles sold.

This contradicts the belief among many car owners that hotter months are often the best for selling vehicles. The research suggests that selling your car during the first five months of the year allows owners to fetch the best price. This is likely due to dealers buying vehicles in preparation for the high demand throughout summer.

The study, conducted by online car-changing marketplace Carwow, reviewed internal data on prices offered for vehicles compared to their average valuations, and the number of vehicles sold. This revealed which months of the year are desirable for owners to successfully sell their cars for the maximum price possible.

Although many would assume convertibles sell better during the hotter months, in actuality, the best time to sell is early spring. In April 2022, the average price offered for a convertible reached its peak at 100.9% of the initial average valuation. However, March was in fact the month that saw the highest number of convertible car sales through Carwow in the same year.

Here is a breakdown of the best month in which to sell different cars by body type:

Car body typeBest price received (offered price as a % of valuation)Highest volume sold
CONVERTIBLEApril (100.9%)March
COUPEMay (99.1%)March
ESTATEJanuary (97.9%)March
HATCHBACKJanuary (94.3%)March
SALOONJanuary (95%)March
SUVNovember (94.6%)September

The best months, offering both the highest price and the greatest number of vehicles sold per body type, fall within the first half of the year. In particular, the first quarter is especially favourable for those wanting to maximise profits when selling their car.

The only exception to this is the sale of SUVs. In 2022, the highest amount offered compared to valuation was during November and the highest number of SUVs sold during the same year was in September.

February stands out as the only month among the top five in terms of both the amount offered and the number sold across all body types, making it the prime choice for selling your car.

John Rawlings, Consumer Editor at Carwow, said: “Our data shows that the first few months of the year offer the highest amount for a vehicle compared to the initial valuation, making this the ideal time to sell. It’s unsurprising considering we see more cars sold through our platform before the end of Spring.

“March is a particularly busy month for successfully selling cars across various body types, coinciding with the release of new registration plates. However, we advise aiming for January or February to fetch the best price, though results may vary depending on the specific car in question. Some do better during the second quarter, right before summer.

“Many car owners mistakenly believe summer is the best time to sell due to higher buyer demand, especially for ‘summer’ cars, such as convertibles. Yet, our research clearly shows that early spring will maximise your vehicle’s selling potential. We hope our insights allow car owners to time their sales to the best of their interests.”

To find out more about the research, visit Carwow.

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