Revealed: the most common second-hand cars

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New research has uncovered the most common models of second-hand cars with the Ford Fiesta stealing the top spot.

The research, commissioned by car finance refund experts, looked at more than 400,000 used car listings from AutoTrader in order to find the UK’s most common second-hand car models.

Comfortably in first place with 12,043 listings is the Ford Fiesta. First manufactured all the way back in 1976, the iconic hatchback is set to be discontinued this month after 47 years of production, in an effort for Ford to go all electric with their models by 2030.

With 10,640 listings, the Volkswagen Golf claims second place on this list. First rolling off the production line in 1979, the Volkswagen Golf shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon.

In third place, with 9,045 listings, is the Ford Focus. Slightly late to the game, being first rolled off the assembly line in 1998, the Ford Focus is nevertheless still an iconic part of UK motoring history.

Fourth place belongs to the Vauxhall Corsa, with 8,276 listings. The successor to the Vauxhall Nova, this hatchback manufactured by its umbrella company, Opel, has been a staple car in the UK for decades.

Ranking in fifth place is the BMW 3 Series, with 7,614 listings. The 3 Series is BMW’s best-selling model, accounting for around 30% of the brand’s annual total sales (excluding motorbikes) since its first introduction in 1975. The BMW 3 Series is also the oldest model of car to appear in the top ten.

The remainder of the top ten features yet another BMW – the BMW 1 Series – in sixth place with 6,633 listings.

Seventh place goes to the Mercedes-Benz C Class with 5,443 listings, while eighth place is occupied by the newest model to feature in the top ten, the Nissan Qashqai, with 5,390 listings.

In ninth place is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, with 5,390 listings and the Mini Hatch rounds off the top ten with 5,226 listings.

Hatchbacks were found to be the most common type of used car, accounting for 38% of all listings (164,910 listings), far clear of the second most popular type, SUVs, which accounted for 33% of listings (143,842 listings).

The 20 most commonly listed second-hand car models

Rank      Make-Model      Number of listings  
    1.   Ford Fiesta    12,043 
    2.   Volkswagen Golf    10,640 
    3.   Ford Focus    9,045 
    4.   Vauxhall Corsa    8,276 
    5.   BMW 3 Series    7,614 
    6.   BMW 1 Series    6,633 
    7.   Mercedes-Benz C Class    5,443 
    8.   Nissan Qashqai    5,390 
    9.   Mercedes-Benz A Class    5,247 
    10.    MINI Hatch    5,226 
    11.   Volkswagen Polo   5,050 
    12.   Audi A3   5,042 
    13.   Fiat 500   4,640 
    14.   Vauxhall Astra   4,346 
    15.   Nissan Juke   4,131 
    16.   Range Rover Sport   4,033 
    17.   Range Rover Evoque   3,942 
    18.   KIA Sportage   3,941 
    19.   Ford Kuga   3,938 
    20.   Volkswagen Tiguan   3,736 

A spokesperson for commented on the findings, saying: “The most common second-hand models are arguably those that are considered the most reliable or best value for money.

“Models that are highly sought after, such as the Ford Fiesta, are likely to be manufactured and shipped to the UK in abundance to match public demand. This results in a higher proportion of these models on our roads, and inevitably more of these models being resold online.

“Many of these frequently resold models are German-produced cars, renowned for their longer shelf life and reputation for reliability, which underscores the enduring appeal of these models among UK car buyers.”

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