Routine standards checks cancelled

ADI examiners are needed to conduct car driving tests.

DVSA will be cancelling all routine standards checks.

This is because all available staff who are qualified to carry out car driving tests will spend 50% of their time carrying out practical tests.

This means that ADI examiners will spend 50% of their time carrying out driving tests until waiting times have reduced.

DVSA will continue to risk assess and prioritise standards checks for ADIs who are not meeting the standard in England, Wales and Scotland.  

If you have booked a routine standards check DVSA will email you to confirm that your standards check has been cancelled.

ADI tests

ADI part 1 tests will continue as usual in all tiers.

DVSA will continue to provide part 2 and 3 tests and will contact anyone whose part 2 or 3 test was cancelled as a result of the pandemic to rearrange it in tier one and two areas. 

You do not need to worry if your part 1 pass has expired or is due to expire as long as you already had a part 3 test booked as DVSA will still carry out your test. If you fail your test and your Part 1 pass has expired, you will need to apply to restart the qualification process. 

Before you do you will need to obtain an up-to-date Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check which is no older than six months.

Tier three

From 3 December anyone who has a ADI part 2, part 3 or standards check booked in a tier 3 area who is exempt from wearing a face covering may have to delay their test or check until the area moves out of tier three.

DVSA will reschedule tests and checks if a volunteer driving examiner to conduct the test without the candidate wearing a face covering cannot be found.

1 thought on “Routine standards checks cancelled”

  1. Alan Jamieson

    It goes against dvsa’s own Risk Assessment to have someone in the back of the car. They ban ADI’s from being present during a car test, so it is fair and equitable that they be banned from the rear seat of Instructors cars. Simple, they will not be permitted to enter my car.

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