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Carly Brookfield highlights the work DIA is doing to help make driving on high speed roads safer.

In this issue we’re looking at driving and training on high speed roads so it’s an opportune moment to highlight the work DIA is involved in to help make driving on high speed roads safer.

To coincide with the deregulation of motorways (to allow learners access with their professional trainer) in 2018, DIA was commissioned by Highways England to produce an online resource for trainers, pupils and their parents which highlighted the risks of driving on high speed roads and provides learning and advice to help mitigate and manage such risks.

Working with Highways England, and partners across road safety, we duly created the concept of a hub which would bring safety messages, learning and guidance together in one place and the talented DIA training and digital teams came up with the brand, designed the learning platform and developed the content. We’re delighted to say the Hub won a road safety award for the ‘Partnership Scheme of the Year’ with judges commenting that it was a “A cleverly constructed outreach programme with solid research behind this intervention.’’

The overriding drive of the initiative was (and remains) reducing the risk of accidents and incidents on the strategic road network  and to help mitigate the nearly £1 billion of costs associated with Road Traffic Collisions and other incidents on the network each year. And work on this remit, and the Hub, continues apace – we’ll bring you an update shortly of further plans to develop the hub and its resources. 

For trainers and pupils alike, Driving Hub includes a range of tutorials in areas including safety checks, driving on high speed roads, reading the road and managing incidents and breakdowns, as well as a dedicated section for learner drivers. Uniquely, the Hub uses actual video of safety critical incidents that have occurred on the Highways England network to demonstrate the risks users face on high speed roads. For trainers in particular there is also a course on training on high speed roads and lesson plans. All the resources are free to use. 

So before you and your pupils jump back on high speed roads for training purposes, both parties might find it useful to jump on the information superhighway and visit

Other free resources members may find useful as they prepare to hit the road again can be found in our exclusive post-lockdown toolkit, available on Here you’ll find a range of checklists, courses, webinars and more designed to help with managing and reducing the risk of COVID-19.

We developed the resource during the first lockdown when we were working to support the training of key workers and we have continued to develop the tools and content available across the year. 

If you have any ideas or need content not covered as yet, or ideas for any resources we could provide to help with the return to the road, please let us know.

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