Sharp rise in number of MOT tester disqualifications

Almost 7001 MOT testers have been disqualified in the last two years (2020/21 and 2021/22), a rise of 49.2% compared to the previous two years, according to data obtained from the DVSA by

The disqualification of MOT testers usually occurs following improper or careless practices during the test procedure, or for issuing fraudulent certificates. Tester disqualifications have risen steadily in recent years, with the DVSA banning nearly 3.5 times3 the number of testers in 2020/21 compared to 2015/16.

From both a safety and legality perspective, it is important for motorists to ensure their MOT tests are conducted by fully compliant testers. The increase in disqualifications highlights the need for drivers to be vigilant when booking an MOT, and only use trusted, highly regarded garages to carry out the test.

“We welcome the disqualification of rogue MOT testers, as it grants peace of mind that vehicles on the road are being inspected properly. This ultimately improves safety for all road users,” said Karen Rotberg, Co-founder of

“The rise in disqualification numbers from the DVSA shows the importance of doing your research when booking an MOT and finding a trustworthy garage.”

While there were 687 disqualifications in the past two financial years, there was over a thousand warnings issued to MOT testers in the same time span. This further highlights the scale of the issue and reinforces the need for motorists to properly research the MOT test centre that they are making their yearly MOT booking with.

Rotberg added, “ has built a reputation as a trusted hub for MOT and service bookings, working with only the highest rated garages. The verified customer reviews4 and transparent pricing allows motorists to confidently book their MOT without fear of ending up with a fraudulent or improper test certificate.”

As well as ensuring motorists use trusted garages for their annual MOT test, recommends motorists carry out some basic checks themselves to help reduce the chances of failing the test. A full guide on how to carry out pre-MOT checks can be found here. has helped more than five million motorists obtain instant comparison prices for MOT, service and repair procedures through its network of over 9,000 franchise and independent UK garages.

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  1. Jeffrey Pelham

    You stated 7001 Mot testers at the beginning as being disqualified in 2 years but as I read your message it’s changed to 687 in 2 years. Not sure I what figures are correct ?

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