Some driving and riding test centres to remain closed for safety checks

DVSA has said that some test centres are not currently available on the trainer booker service. This is because they need to be thoroughly checked before they are reopened.

DVSA must carry out:

  • Health and safety checks
  • Water checks
  • Landlord checks
  • PPE distribution checks

Many of the contractors DVSA relies on to carry out safety checks put their services on hold during the lockdown. DVSA is working with them to get test centres ready to open as soon as possible.

The trainer booker service will be updated as more sites are checked and cleared to reopen.

You should continue to check daily whether your local test centre has reopened, as some will open in the week ahead.

Where test centres need to remain closed beyond the end of July, DVSA will contact local instructors and trainers to let them know.

2 thoughts on “Some driving and riding test centres to remain closed for safety checks”

  1. It would be incredibly useful and pertinent to know which test centres will remain closed, instead of just “some”

  2. Peter Austin

    I have tests cancelled up to 10th August at Lee on the Solent. When will it open please

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