Tebay named best motorway services

Telford (M54 at J4) was rated the UK's worst services and the M4 is the motorway with the best services overall.

New research has revealed the Best and Worst Motorway Services in the UK, according to the public.

Brindley Group conducted analysis of 100+ services across 29 UK motorways throughout the country, taking review scores from Google, TripAdvisor and Motorway Services Online (MSO) to produce average scores for each site based on thousands of online ratings. 

Telford (M54 at J4) was rated the UK’s worst services (2/5 avg.). One motorist commented: “Stay hungry. Stay thirsty. Whatever you do, don’t stop here.”

Tebay (M6 between J38 and J39) is the UK’s best services (4.24/5 avg.). Another driver said: “Absolutely lovely services, abundant nature right next to the motorway.”

The M4 is the motorway with the best services overall (3.76/5 avg.), followed by the M1 (3.64 avg.). The M5 has the worst (3.31 avg.).

Westmorland is the best operator (4.12/5 avg.), operating Tebay, Gloucester and Cairn Lodge – each featuring in the top 10 nationwide.

This was followed by Euro Garages and Extra (both 3.86/5), while larger operators Welcome Break (3.38) and Moto (3.33/5) are the worst on average – despite operating the largest number of sites.

Regionally, the North East (3.78/5 avg.) and Northern Ireland (3.78/5 avg.) have the best services, while the East (3.14/5 avg.) and South West (3.28/5 avg.) are home to the worst.

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