Tell the DVSA about the demand for driving lessons and other challenges you are facing

The DVSA has launched a survey to tell them about the changing needs of your business and pupils.

This survey includes questions from the previous ADI demand surveys which help us to forecast the demand for tests and has been widened to find out how the current economic situation is affecting your business.

How to take part

The survey is open until midnight on 10 November. It should only take 10 minutes of your time.

Start the survey now.

What it’s all about

DVSA previously ran the ADI demand survey this survey replaces in July 2021 and January 2022 and learned a great deal of valuable information from you.

View the results from the previous surveys.

DVSA will run this extended survey every 6 months to monitor how demand for lessons is changing and learn about other challenges you’re facing.

This time they have added some new questions to help them to understand:

  • how the move to electric vehicles is changing your business
  • how you are managing pupils who may be pausing training while waiting for their test appointment
  • how you are using our services to swap driving tests – this will help us explore what changes we can make to the service to better meet your needs and what controls we can set to help us identify individuals and companies profiting from selling driving tests

Start the survey now.

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