The top 10 most annoying things passengers do in cars, according to UK drivers

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The 10 most annoying things that passengers do in their cars have been revealed by UK drivers.

Drivers frequently have to deal with as many issues inside the car as outside, from people making comments about their driving to dumping litter in the car itself. 

Prestone, a car maintenance and protection fluids brand, conducted a survey of British motorists on the things their passengers do that grind their gears.

Prestone also questioned drivers about the people who wind them up while they’re in the driving seat.

What are the most annoying things that passengers do in cars?

Making the top of the list of most-annoying passenger traits are smoking, littering, and backseat driving, with 29.3%, 17%, and 16.7% of the vote, respectively.

8.8% of participants reported that passengers being sick was among the most annoying things they could do.

Giving the wrong directions rounds up the top five biggest bugbears.

Drivers were also asked by Prestone what passengers have done in their car at least once as part of the survey.

RankAnnoying Passenger Action% of Participants
2Littering out the window17%
3Backseat driving16.7%
4Being sick8.8%
5Leaving litter in the car6.2%
6Being distracting5.6%
7Not wearing their seatbelt4.7%
8Giving the wrong directions1.7%
9Putting feet on the dashboard1.5%
10Being drunk1.5%

Over 50% claimed they’ve been victims of backseat driving, while others stated they’ve had passengers slamming their doors, littering, and changing the music without asking.

According to the survey, a third of drivers believe that their partners are the most bothersome car companions, which may be because we travel with them the most frequently.

Children came in a strong second, which Prestone attributes to the fact that they are the ones most likely to break passenger rules.

Parents came in third, and 7% of respondents claimed that they were actually the most annoying passenger.

According to Prestone theorists, this may be the result of strange driving habits or road rage.

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  1. Robin Lamport

    Leaving your feet on the dashboard can paralyse the passenger if the airbag goes off. A few every year end up this way. I’m surprised this isn’t pushed out in training. I always advise new and old who are surpriseddrivers

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