The top used car brands that are holding their value

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Used car prices are on the decline. Last month saw a substantial 4.2% decrease in used car prices and a cumulative 13.6% drop in seven months. However, certain brands are defying the norm and holding their value exceptionally well

According to the latest research from the Sell My Car experts at carwow, high-performing popular brands, including Mercedes, Audi and Honda, have lost less than -2% in value over the past six months. Notably, Porsche, Volvo and BMW have even seen an increase in their average value during this period.

Carwow’s Sell My Car service allows drivers to sell their used cars directly back to its 3,000+ trusted dealer partners, giving insight into the best performing used cars by brand and price, over time. The findings highlight the standout performers in the past six months on carwow’s platform; on top of the five brands that went up in value, Mercedes showed the lowest depreciation value at a mere -0.87% drop over the half-year period.

Of those that increased in average value over the last six months, Porsche was notable, boasting a +1.88% value increase and an average price increase of £697 from May to October 2023. Sitting at the top of the table, MG saw a +1.98% value increase over the same period, showing promise for prospective MG sellers.

The top 10 brands by valuation variance in the past six months

BrandAverage variance (%)Average variance (£)

Carwow’s data also highlights the top performers from the last three months in order to gauge the trajectory of the automotive market. Volvo experienced a substantial +4.93% increase in average value. Continuing its track record of value retention as well as value-led pricing, MG has shown a significant +3.6% increase.

The top brands that increased in value over the past three months

BrandAverage variance (%)Average variance (£)

Paul Barker, Managing Editor at carwow, said: “For those considering selling their car, this data emphasises the need to stay well-informed about the dynamics specific to their car’s brand. Despite a broader market downturn, certain brands of used cars such as Volvo, Mercedes and Honda, present a unique opportunity for sellers to maximise their returns at the moment.

“Of course, the price of the car you are selling will depend on its mileage, age, body type and trim level. But, for those drivers looking to sell their car in the near-future, this shows the importance of knowing the value of the car brand too.

“In a market marked by change and fluctuation, strategic timing is key for sellers. Much like when buying a car, it’s always worth shopping around for the best price. When selling, it’s about more than accepting the first offer. It’s crucial to obtain an expert car valuation from an impartial source.

“Opting for a marketplace car-selling service like carwow ensures that your vehicle receives competitive offers from dealers across the nation, not just limited to local options. This approach guarantees you sell your car for its true value, backed by the expertise and nationwide reach that carwow offers.”

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