THINK! launches safe driving campaign

THINK! has launched a new series of films in response to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and high-risk young male drivers returning to busier roads. 

Supporting the Government’s Safer Transport Campaign, these videos reinforce key road safety messages such as ‘Going too fast always ends badly. Watch your speed at the wheel.’ Other videos deal with the issue of drinking and mobiles. All of the campaigns prioritise those at highest risk on the road. Young males aged 17-24 are four times more likely to be killed or seriously injured compared to car drivers aged 25 and over. 

THINK! created three videos highlighting the importance of safe behaviours behind the wheel as young drivers return to the road. Building on the return of live sport and our audience beginning to get back on the road to meet up with friends, the videos feature legendary football commentator Jonathan Pearce.

To accompany these videos THINK! created a series of bitesize films tackling mobile phone distraction, speeding and drink driving targeting our priority audience, with activity running on social media channels including Snapchat, Instagram Stories and a Twitter sports partnership.  

View and download the campaign films here

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