Three quarters think learners should practise during COVID-19

Three quarters of people believe it is a great time for learners to practise now due to the quieter lockdown roads, according to an AA survey of 17,000 drivers.

However, two fifths (45%) of drivers said they felt nervous at the thought of supervising learners themselves and three in ten admitted they have not read the Highway Code since passing their own driving test.

Driving lessons and tests in England were given the green light last week and the lockdown led some drivers to supervise their friends and relatives in trips to the shops or on ‘essential’ drives. However, many drivers may now be feeling the pressure to help with private practice as learners gear up to book their practical driving tests in England from Wednesday 22 July.

Following a surge in demand for lessons, the AA Driving School is reminding learners that their skills may be rustier than they were before lockdown and can now be legally supported by private practice.

Sarah Rees, managing director of AA Driving School said: “Many learners are itching to get back on the road and we hope that the rest of the UK will lift restrictions on driving lessons and tests soon.

“Many people will not have been practising driving during lockdown so may find they need to refresh their knowledge and skills before jumping into a practical test.

“Private practice is an important element of learning to drive and can really help prepare learners for their test and beyond. If there is someone in your household or support bubble who can help then it can be very worthwhile.”

Some people may need to brush up on their driving knowledge before supervising a learner as AA research shows less than three in ten (29%) think that learner drivers are allowed on motorways. Motorway driving for learners was legalised in 2018 for learners who are accompanied by an approved driving instructor, driving a car fitted with dual controls.

Supervising drivers in the UK must be over 21 years old, be qualified in the correct type of vehicle and have had their license for three years minimum.

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