Toilets in test centres available to all

DVSA has announced the toilet facilities in test centres will be available for everyone to use.

Previously it was stated that toilets would only be available for pregnant women and those with a medical condition or disability. However, following consultation with stakeholders, DVSA decided to amend this policy.

The toilets can now be used by any candidate, instructor or accompanying driver. Anyone using the toilets will be escorted through the building and must clean the facilities before and after using.

Waiting rooms will remain closed until further notice.

2 thoughts on “Toilets in test centres available to all”

  1. Felix Gonzalez-Noda

    I’m sure all customers will be relieved to know the toilets will be available at Driving test centres
    How can It be unsafe to use the
    waiting room or toilets but safe to sit in the confined space of a car?
    How are we going to manage to check in in the middle of a storm?
    I do not think there is any consistency
    Wouldn’t it be better to limit the number of tests per day and therefore limiting the amount of customers in the waiting area at any given time?
    I think DVSA is making life very difficult for staff and customers
    It does not make any sense when pubs and leisure centres are open, barbers trimming beards, restaurants with chancellor giving money away but waiting rooms and toilets closed at driving test centres ??
    I think we are getting back to work too soon and I suspect DVSA Isn’t sure either
    We are told to limit the number of households we make contact with, to keep one metre plus distancing
    I will be making contact with over 6 households everyday
    When raining it would difficult to keep windows open and so on and on

  2. Richard Jelley

    I’m in absolute agreement with prorecting Al DVSA staff, pupils and ADI’s, plus any accompanying adults in test centres and during tests.
    There is no medical evidence or government guidelines to prohibit people using the waiting room. This is purely a decision by the DVSA.
    Let’s see if they change their minds after examiners have to stand in the rain using a tablet while checking pupils details, doing the pretest briefing and checking the car.
    Today the pre test procedure took almost ten minutes. I’m not an expert on tablets but I don’t think that having one out in the rain, hail or snow for ten minutes is a good thing.
    The DVSA are not communicating effectively with ADI’s, I only found out this morning that my local test centre won’t be opening until Sept, this was through a pupil who was checking her test details with the DVSA call centre.
    As an ADI we have a responsibility to make sure a test candidate is prepared for the test. How can we do this if we don’t know where a pupil is to take their test. I work in a town and prepare my pupils for a test in that town, how unfair to move a pupils test to the nearest city with short notice. The pupil on test today is a good example of that. She received an email last Thursday to notify her of a change of test centre. She couldn’t change that without loosing the test fee, so she had no choice but to do it in a city she’s unfamiliar with. How is this making sure every test is the same and equal?
    I have sympathy, to a degree, with the DVSA because these are unprecedented times but their lack of planning and poor communication is having a huge effect on the test pupils. They need a licence to drive so they can get to work, transport their families to school, hospitals etc. Being able to drive is a life changing ability that brings freedom, prosperity and self development. At the moment the DVSA are making that opportunity more difficult than it needs to be.

    Richard Jelley
    Frustrated ADI

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