Two thirds of drivers look to cut vehicle usage due to cost of living crisis

Two thirds (64%) of UK motorists are reducing their vehicle usage to cut fuel bills, according to our latest research.‘s study on the impact of the cost of living crisis explored how drivers are cutting expenditures as millions feel the financial pinch.

Revealing the extent of the caution amongst UK drivers, the survey showed that as well as using cars less, nearly half (49%) of our 2,113 respondents are also driving more economically to save fuel.

Threat of Recession & Cost of Living Forcing Drivers to Make Many Cuts

The survey comes as the UK is tipped to enter a recession in 2023. While the UK’s CPIH inflation rate dipped slightly to 8.8% in January 2023, it remains at levels not seen for 30 years, impacting most aspects of running and maintaining a vehicle.

Motorists are also making savings elsewhere, meaning the UK’s car parc of vehicles might not be looking as pristine as usual. Over a quarter of drivers (28.4%) said they are putting off cosmetic repairs, whilst many (27.4%) are also cleaning their car less frequently to save money.

Jessica Potts, Head of Marketing at, said: “The impact of the financial situation in the UK is making itself felt when it comes to expenditure on car running and maintenance costs. For millions of families, fuel bills are a significant part of the monthly budget, and when petrol and diesel prices are still so high, cutting usage can make a real difference.

“Reducing annual milage by just 10% – or 1,000 miles – could save hundreds of pounds in fuel bills. We understand the strain many are under and while cutting fuel bills is a money saver, we wouldn’t recommend cutting corners on car maintenance as it can lead to bigger bills in the long term.

“We recommend shopping around for the best prices locally, and if drivers think their car is in need of a professional inspection, we’d encourage them to use our 17-point Winter Health Check, free of charge at participating garages.”

Shop Around to Save Money Rather Than Ignoring Car Maintenance Altogether

The analysis comes after it was reported in December that one-in-three motorists say they are likely to delay or skip having their vehicle serviced in the next 12 months due to increasing financial pressures.

With almost half (43%) of our surveyed motorists stating that they are shopping around to save money on their vehicle’s maintenance, we enable drivers to easily compare instant prices from local garages. On average in 2022, drivers paid £34.96 for an MOT test booked through our website – representing a saving of 36% over the government-set maximum price of £54.85.

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