UK motorists are predicted to buy 448,000 new electric vehicles in 2023

Motoring experts at DriveElectric have predicted a significant rise in EV sales in 2023, after supply issues hindered EV sales growth in 2022.

The figure is based on DriveElectric’s own forecasts and is a significant increase from the 267,203 battery electric vehicles registered in the UK in 2022.

Mike Potter, CEO at DriveElectric, says: “We have seen preference for electric vehicles continue to grow as more than 50% of people planning to buy a car have stated they will choose from either fully electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicles.

“There has also been a shift in the vehicle market as younger drivers choose their cars. In the 2021 census, it was revealed that over half of the young drivers in the UK will most likely switch to electric cars in the next decade”

The company predicts a 24.9% market share for battery electric vehicles in 2023, and a total market of 1.8 million registrations, translating to 448,000 BEV registrations.”

Using their own algorithm built from intelligence of the UK market, DriveElectric forecasted a 16.7% market share for BEVs in 2022, which was almost identical to the actual market share of 16.6%.

As more EV factories open around the world, it is predicted that the amount of vehicles produced and delivered will increase. It is also predicted that the UK will see an increase in the presence of Chinese car brands.

It is also predicted that the continued volatility of energy prices will see more people exploring ways to reduce energy costs for charging EV’s, for example using solar and battery storage.

1 thought on “UK motorists are predicted to buy 448,000 new electric vehicles in 2023”

  1. Policing Through

    Given the cost of living crisis and the inability of government to improve the economy, coupled to the sheer impracticality of pure EVs, sales are very unlikely to reach this figure.

    Now, if ICE vehicles were banned by hybrids were not, then we might be in with a chance but as long as the evangelical battery powered EV persists, a few people will buy them but given the cost, which can only go up as essential raw materials become more and more expensive, people will elect to hold onto their ICE vehicles.

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