Updating the driver’s record

DVSA has published new versions of the driver’s record on GOV.UK.

Driver’s records are a way to track your pupils’ progress and for them to record their practice and skills.

The records have been updated so that they:

  • Are easier to read and use
  • Group together key skills so you can easily check what your pupils need to know
  • Include new stages of learning so your pupils can reflect on their lessons

DVSA is encouraging learner drivers to broaden their experience before taking their test, including driving in the dark.

The driver’s record is a good way to record this practice and experience.

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2 thoughts on “Updating the driver’s record”

  1. Kevan Chippindall-Higgin

    There are a lot of comments on the DVSA page but nobody appears to hve suggested that a proper, obligatory syllabus be introduced which would include urban, rural, national speed limit dual carriageway and night as an ADI signed off, pre-requisite for the ministry test.

    Within this syllabus should be a complete theory element covering journey planning, weather and micro climates, loading the vehicle, tyres and so forth.

    This way, independent trainers will have assessed students and signed them off as competent in each discipline. If some instructors’ pupils persistently fail tests, there is strong case for having a look at that instructor. Pupils will have gone through at least 4 tests so will be used to the procedure.

    Testing at night would be difficult for the DVSA for the same reason that I do not train in the dark until the drivers are quite advanced. It is hard to ensure mirror checks are being properly undertaken and impossible to see what the feet are doing.

    People going for test should do so as competent, skillful drivers, not just having a stab.

    There is the argument that some instructors will accept bribes to sign off incompetent pupils. With a tougher test with fewer driver faults, such people would be exposed. Yes, one crook is one too many but the simple fact remains that the vast bulk of instructors would behave properly. Those who teach test routes would quite likely soon be exposed and perhaps this should be grounds for striking off the register.

  2. Diptendra Ghosh

    Has anyone noticed that the manoeuvres in the list are the same as in the old syllabus (left and right reverse, and turn in the road) plus pulling up on the right and reversing isn’t included?

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