Who are the UK‘s angriest drivers?

Top five angriest cities are Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and Liverpool.

Belfast drivers have been named as the angriest in the UK, with 39% of drivers saying they have road rage weekly. 

New research from Formula One Autocentres has highlighted the UK road rage hotspots and driver’s biggest annoyances on the road:

The top 10 angriest cities:

  1. Belfast
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Manchester
  4. London
  5. Liverpool
  6. Norwich
  7. Southampton
  8. Newcastle
  9. Cardiff
  10. Glasgow

The calmest drivers live in:

  1. Birmingham
  2. Sheffield
  3. Bristol
  4. Leeds
  5. Nottingham

Almost 25% of Brits experience road rage weekly, with the most common causes highlighted as: dangerous driving, tailgating, lack of indication, cutting in and cyclists/motorbikes.

A spokesperson at Formula One Autocentres said: “It’s no surprise that dangerous driving, tailgating and a lack of indication are the nation’s top annoyances while behind the wheel; not only do they show a lack of care and attention, but they can also lead to accidents and injuries. 

“Our study shows that 60% of us have been on the receiving end of road rage – this is shocking. Staying calm on the road is key to a safe and enjoyable drive. If you do feel frustrations at the actions of others, pull over (as long as it’s safe to do so) and wait until you feel calm to begin driving again. This will make the drive much more enjoyable for you.”

Full survey data can be found here.

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